Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, March or June 2024 Start

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, March or June 2024 Start

“Immigration sponsorship is not available for this position. To apply, candidates are required to submit both a resume and a cover letter specifying their year of graduation. The cover letter should be concise, not exceeding one page or 300 words. It should outline their desire to join the program, demonstrate suitability, and illustrate how participation will contribute to their career growth by highlighting achievements and aspirations.

The application process spans 18 to 20 weeks. Your patience throughout this period is appreciated.

Please note: Upon applying for this role, you will have the opportunity to indicate your preferred working location from the following options: Hyderabad, Telangana, India; Bangalore, Karnataka, India; Gurgaon, Haryana, India; Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.”

Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
Up to 1 year of post-graduation experience in Digital Marketing
Proficiency in using Google Workspace (such as Gmail, Chrome, Docs, Sheets, etc.) or similar applications
Fluent communication skills in English

Preferred qualifications:

Professional background across diverse industries such as Events, Media, Customer Service, Hospitality, Tourism, Accounting, and more.
Proficiency in handling ambiguous tasks, adept at finding optimal solutions, and seeking guidance when necessary.
Capable of functioning autonomously and collaboratively within a team structure.
Strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
Keen enthusiasm and dedication towards establishing a career in Digital Marketing.
Fluency in communicating in multiple Indian regional languages.

About the job

The Google Digital Marketing Apprenticeship spans 24 months, offering a comprehensive learning and growth initiative. Apprentices will be required to be physically present at their designated in-office location, engaging full-time (~40 hours weekly) throughout the program. This initiative combines practical work involvement within a Google team, supported by external training to equip individuals aiming to venture into Digital Marketing. Approximately 20% of your time will be dedicated to tailored training programs, with the remaining portion allocated to hands-on projects alongside designated Google teams, fostering direct experiential learning.

Successful candidates will be paired with a team and expected to work closely together, potentially in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, or Bangalore. For those relocating more than +100km to their matched office, relocation assistance will be provided.

It’s important to note that this apprenticeship is not a full-time permanent position but rather a 24-month program. While it welcomes individuals aspiring for Digital Marketing careers, it also encourages recent graduates and those transitioning from other industries to apply.


Enhance your understanding of fundamental marketing principles, delve into search marketing techniques, and leverage the chance to expand your expertise by conducting thorough research and employing web analytics.

Collaborate and receive guidance from a team of Googlers to tackle real-world challenges, gaining invaluable experience and insights from established leaders. Contribute to gathering valuable insights aimed at improving user experience, such as organizing focus groups or collaborating with research agencies to formulate and test hypotheses.

Acquire the skills necessary to function as an account coordinator and facilitator. Assist in resolving stakeholder campaign implementations across various domains while collaborating with teams to drive innovative product and partnership solutions.

Participate in the execution of small to medium-scale campaigns, communications, and initiatives tailored to meet user requirements. Engage in basic user research and market analysis to derive practical and actionable insights.

Sharpen your communication abilities, master stakeholder engagement, and refine relationship management skills. Learn effective methods to influence stakeholders and leaders within the organization.